Unicode Works To Empower Children And Their Communities Through Participation In Problem-Solving And Self-Expression

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Unicode is always seeking to engage and understand the needs of the communities in all 12 Hopi villages as well as the surrounding community, as well as those living away from the Mesas, or their families, out of necessity, or primary needs that cannot be currently met on the Mesas for lack of resources or access to resources.

While working on projects for the people residing on the Hopi Mesas in what is now the northeast corner of the state of Arizona, USA, Unicode volunteers have met many children and their communities who have been very excited about the work Unicode does inside their own communities.

Most often during projects, children volunteer to help or assist and sometimes become an active participant working to solve an issue in their own community. Of course this is nothing new in the ancient pueblo & Hopi communities.

The Hopi Way of life teaches sustainability, even in the harshest of environments, the importance of humbleness, peace, the importance and dedication to the cycle of life and the universe we live in through the celebration of spirituality and vital necessity of diversity and equality.

The lessons that have been carried down through the ancient ancestors teaches how interwoven all living things are with the land and the universe.

Hopi’s are sought after worldwide as the keeper of many ancient ceremonies from many different cultures, sharing spiritual philosophies and keeping them alive through most sacred and sometimes very ancient ceremonies of many different kinds, some telling the history of the land and the people who have inhabited North America.

As a kind of United Nations of tribes, the Hopi urge peace and understanding through the sharing of cultures and philosophies of existence. Unicode took a Hopi elder to the UN in July of 2015 to spend a week speaking out for the tribe and creating vital networks.