Current Projects

Unicode Needs Help in Working With Communities to Build Efficient Free Web Access and Inter-Communicating Networks

This is a photo of taken in 2014 by Unicode staff of the future Computer Lab in the Polacca Youth Center. This building was originally built by HUD as a Youth Center, unfortunately with poor planning, built on top of ancient structures, without consideration to the previous history of tribal land.

As a result of being built on unstable land, the building soon cracked, in the gymnasium, the major structural problem was never corrected, from the 1990s to present day. As a result, the building has remained closed to the public, including the Hopi youth, for close to 20 years now.

Hopi and Tewa efforts have combined to reopen this building. After negotiations with HUD, the construction began on repairs and restoration in 2014. Unicode has been working with community leaders involved in the restoration, and reopening.

Unicode pledged to offer various materials, such as computers, and develop the support needed, from within the community. Unicode seeks any help at all with IT issue, puzzles, as well as aid and supplies.

Part of a sustainable environment can include the successful integration of any and all current technologies currently available. In an effort to rid communities of dependence on aid, Unicode hopes to make current technologies available to these community members and their children.

Unicode strives to help communities to build solutions according to the needs of each community. Our goal is to continue working with communities to tailor technologies to the needs of each area. Unicode strives to give a much broader access to the tools that both allow for self-expression and development, including building web sites, e-commerce, and other integration platforms so that children need not be excluded from the tools of modern society due to economic inequality.

Unicode works to give these children in many kinds of communities the aid they need to understand the global scale of the societies they have been born into. We believe that when a society allows only a small segment of the population to experience the fullest potential of current technologies, we as a society cheat humanity of its fullest potentials.

We help ourselves and our immediate communities when we give every child the same tools in which to enrich the world and help our planet. Unicode wants to help level the playing field for children who have no playing field. It is our hope that other people and entities will join us in an endeavor that could create a paradigm shift in our society.

An important shift that will benefit the larger global society, and build a much stronger and more competitive America. Unicode’s goal is to aid communities in building their own infrastructures and providing any necessary aid to continue connecting neighborhoods and villages with each other so that future problems can be solved from within, and between, the communities working together, helping themselves and others in the process.