Future Projects


Unicode’s initial projects have evolved out of those communities most deeply affected by the lasting scars of exclusion, prejudice and hatred.  We seek to encourage diversity and empowerment in communities currently suffering from the continued corruption of economic inequality in America

Unicode Children’s Foundation Private Charitable Trust is working with each individual community to provide the wide range of tools necessary to expand projects which encourage and cultivate the powerful arts of self-expression.

We seek to cultivate and build on traditional wisdoms many cultures naturally provide, and combine the use of current and available technologies to enhance our projects. In cultivating individual and community empowerment, we include the arts, idea implementation and sustainable living practices, which can include engaging kids 18 and younger in projects that help build knowledge and self-esteem. A strong and creative individual can help build a healthier society for the future.

Our goals include creating safe and sustainable environments which cultivate knowledge and self-expression for children currently living in challenging circumstances, in St. Louis, Missouri and the Hopi tribe in northern Arizona. These programs will expand with the growth of Unicode.