Here is an Old Oryvi dwelling being converted to a teaching space. In 2013, Unicode began discussions about providing needed materials and tools for Hopi tribal members to rebuild ancient structures and open them up as community spaces. Unicode spent several months working, gathering ideas, and having long discussions with Hopi community members in each of the twelve villages.  The central request that community members needed, and asked for, was aid to the Hopi youth and their empowerment. Our Foundation has been honored to be a part of a cultural project in the ancient village of Old Oryvi. Hopi’s here have had positive visions for their community and Unicode is honored to offer any aid to teach children the importance of Hopi pottery and language, free for all village children. Unicode is partnering with community members who wish to make positive changes in their communities that enrich village and cultural life for all who reside there.

In the dwelling shown here, along with new materials, roof repairs were needed to ready a space for the Hopi children to be comfortable in. Unicode agreed to supply the materials needed to repair the roof, floor and walls, as well as any labor needed, to build a safe, healthy, environment.


A Hopi woman in the village, who was already trying to build this program from the ground up, worked with Unicode to make this helpful community vision become a reality. Unicode also offered to provide any needed student pottery tools, as well as materials to aid in teaching the Hopi language, helping to keep this most important and traditional language alive for all generations. Old Oryvi is one of the two Hopi villages that constitute the oldest continuous living villages in the United States. Unicode seeks to empower communities to rebuild and create a brighter future for every generation in Hopi communities. In every corner of the world, our youth forge what our new paths are going to be. In is important for all generations to have the tools needed to make positive changes. We can help our children learn more about global cultures and the wide diversity of possibilities that surround them. Hopi and Unicode projects have been successful collaborations. Projects have worked well in the traditional Hopi Way, by integrating community to help solve modern and traditional issues. In doing so, the whole community works to solve ongoing challenges.