Past Projects


Wooden siding project for two story community house in MishungoviThis is a two-story community house in the village of Mishungovi that Unicode was honored to help.

The wooden siding previously on the house had been falling off and exposing insulation for some years. It was unsafe and did not blend in with the other traditional architecture that is so sacred on top of Mishungovi.

Unicode members met with the family and Matriarch of the house and offered to supply the materials needed to repair the house for the community. The old wooden siding was torn off, and replaced with this black tar paper underneath, and stucco to finish the job. The community members who graciously volunteered their work, are shown here working hard.

Unicode has set forth a pattern in which Unicode Foundation offers to help with materials, if the community agreed to supply the workforce to complete the projects. Unicode can help control costs by shopping for the best materials at the best prices, and each village pitches in with community and tribal members from surrounding Mesas, as needed.

Unicode now has many hardhat projects and has now asked to only be involved in projects which also benefit the ancient architecture, and to use only traditional materials whenever possible.

Unicode is looking into collaborating with Northern Arizona State University, at the NAU’s request, to collaborate on rebuilding projects. The NAU Native American Center has proposed that scholarship students help Unicode, as volunteers, in its work with the Hopi tribe, and that a class even be formed around the work so that the students receive college credits while learning the traditional heritage of American’s most ancient tribe, the Hopi.

Unicode is now pursuing this collaborative project further and deeply thanks the Directors of NAU’s Native American Center for their incredible interest in our ongoing work.