In 2014, Unicode began working with community members to tear down and rebuild a traditional building in the village of Sitsomovi.  A commonly

            used community home in the main plaza of the middle village was suffering from badly cracked ceiling and with rotting timbers was in urgent need of 

being rebuilt for safety reasons.

Unicode agreed to supply many materials needed for the project, Hopi community members then worked to make it all happen. In this traditional style of collaboration, Unicode and Hopi tribal members are working together so more can be done with less financial burden in creating the solution.

The goal, in the traditional Hopi Way, is to bring everyone together to complete a common or individual need. Unicode Children’s Foundation has successfully developed projects to completion that have aided community members in rebuilding by supplying materials and tools.  Community members work together to rehabilitate, engineer and rebuild any needed structures. Kind and thoughtful people from all over the globe have aided in materials, cost, or by volunteering some of their valuable time to aid in working on the long list of projects Unicode hopes to continue to complete.